Goan Soccer 2008 All Star List (Unofficial)

This is an unofficial list for the 2007 Goan Intervillage League season and its 1st and 2nd team All Stars (it is NOT a prediction for the 2008 season). It does not represent the league in any matter and it was created by the author for entertainment purposes only, so please do not take it personally. My apoligies if certain pictures were taken without permission (it was a suprise)


My name is Roland Mascarenhas and I am the author for this list as well being a member of the 2007 finalist Aldona Shooting Stars. I have been playing in the league for several years along with participating in Viva Goa since I was 14 years old. Furthermore, I have been watching the Goan Soccer League as a kid since it first inaugurated in 1996. While I consider myself an excellent evaluator of talent, watching many games has helped me pick up small details about players that many might not have realized. While I believe I’m extremely accurate and unbiased in the selection of players, I must admit there is the slight possibility that I may have taken down one wrong name, forgotten someone or more likely, put a player in a position that is not exactly the ideal (this is to get them on the team). That’s where YOU and the comment section come in. I hope you enjoy the read and feel free to post constructive criticism (even if I may not know you)!

One Favour: While I have spent a long time doing this for fun, please copy and paste the link and send to all your Goan friends or people you may know in the soccer league. If your a ‘friend’ of mine or in the Toronto, ON network, you should be able to see it. This is all I ask. Thanks

1st team All Star – 3-5-2

The 3-5-2 formation is an offensive-based arrangement which has been used fairly recently – especially with South American teams like Brazil and Argentina which allow creativity. However, there are several aspects which need to be addressed to run the 3-5-2. Since there are only 3 defenders, they must be very quick, skill, aggressive and communicate between each other. A 3-5-2 formation can only be run if the skill level and team chemistry is excellent. The players must have quick thinking, good passing ability and control in confined areas. Lastly, the forwards must be fast, agile, well-conditioned and aggressive to close off angles. The 3-5-2 selection was chosen for several reasons: 1) The cream of the crop in the league generally come in the midfield position and these players generally have good short-passing ability and quickness, 2) it puts the players in a position to succeed where their position helps the demonstrate their strengths and 3) its possession-orientated which fits the majority of the 1st team all star players.

GK Justin D’Silva, Aldona Shooting Stars *MVP*

After almost single-handedly getting the Aldona Shooting Stars to the 2007 Goa Intervillage Finals, Justin was voted the MVP by the coaches and league after having arguably the greatest performance of any player in the league’s history in a playoff upset over Old Goa. While he was always considered a top-tier goalie and player through his years of experience, unseen aggression and willingness to do whatever-it-takes, he stepped up several notches this year making him the best player in the league, regardless of position.

LCB Kelvin Ferrao , Margao Simba #9
Very well recognized throughout the league not only for his play but for his long hair, Kelvin is a quality Centre Back with quickness, excellent footwork, leadership and a passive aggressive attitude. His ability to run for days makes him an important figure in a 3 man defense where he can run up the flank yet have the ability to recover.

CB Oscar Fernandes, Old Goa FC
Old Goa’s catapult to the top of the league in 2007 – through an offensive explosion – overshadowed much of their defensive talent. It is true, their team really has not been tested, but Oscar is considered one of the most intelligent and veteran players out there. The back portion of Old Goa has the talent, yet it is Oscar who makes the engine run.

RCB Daryn Fernandes, Parra SC #11 *Co-Captain*
Daryn can be considered the Paolo Maldini of the Goan Soccer League as he is one of the ‘older’ defenders in the league, yet virtually no one matches his technical skill at defending. The former 2-time MVP has overcomed age and a declining speed through a better understanding of the game in positioning and on-ball aggression. An ultimate team player and leader who has helped build the dynasty that is Parra, makes him the co-captain of the 1st team.

DM Ron Monetiro, Loutulim Goatees #18 *Co-Captain*

Quite possibly the best-known player in the league, and for good reason. The former 2-time MVP is unselfish and has excellent short-passing ability, decision making and is versatile as he can make plays on offense and defense. He is a box-to-box player and is the “volante” of the Loutulim team (the player that gives a team direction through defensive responsibilities). However, his best attribute is his anticipation/vision and unpredictability. His proven track record plus constant communication makes him a co-captain on the team.

LCM Byron Correia, Aldona Shooting Stars #10

Despite playing two different positions in the past two years (attacking midfielder in 2006 to sweeper in 2007), his versatility has shined through as he garnered league all star in the latter year. Byron is a perfect fit in the 3-5-2 because he is one of the best in the league in having tight/close control in confined space. Byron’s wealth of experience (playing in league since inaugural year), crossing ability and team-play have the soon-to-be 25 year old a suitable option for first team

RCM Justin Dixon, Old Goa FC
While his brother Russell made waves at Viva Goa a few years ago, Justin’s rise onto the 1st team in his first year symbolizes the talent level of the long-haired Old Goa player. While not particularly super-skilled in one area of his game, his all-around ability is what makes him the greatest threat. He has a solid shot, is a good passer, displays good quickness despite being physical on the ball and best of all, rarely takes unnecessary touches on the ball.

LW Neil D’Silva, Loutulim Goatees #5

One-half of the top midfielding duo in the league adds something that compadre Ron doesn’t. While he might not have the same vision that Ron does (who does?), he is a young, an excellent dribbler and crosser and might be the most versatile player in the league (which is rarely known). A solid shot makes him the perfect attacking midfielder but his youth, stamina and above-average left foot makes him an excellent left winger. If he continues to develop as a decision-maker, the 21 year old will be the best player in the league. He just isn’t there yet.

RW David De Souza , Parra SC#10

On a Parra team loaded with game intelligence and experience, it is the right winger who might stand out most. The best word to describe the elusive player would be “slippery” who mixes an unpredictable behavior on the ball with an ultra-quick first couple of steps. The 2001 D. J. Lobo Trophy winner (for most goals in a season) has an excellent shot and does not seem to be slowing down. However, David needs to keep his cool – he is tied for #1 in yellow cards despite being a forward.

Striker Robin Valadares, Loutulim Goatees #8

Robin has already built an astounding name for himself being the top goal scorer in 2007 with 8 goals in 9 games despite being only 19 years old! However, the scariest part is that he has a lot of room to grow! Robin is a talented youngster who is very light on his feet and is extremely aggressive with the ball (especially around the 18 yard box). There is no doubt he has benefited heavily by having beautiful passes from Neil and Ron, yet Robin’s instinctive play and finishing have helped him tremendously. Robin must continue to develop as a player and that includes conditioning where it can be argued, he is not at his best shape.

Striker Gavin D’Mello, Margao Simba #7

Gavin is the captain and vocal leader on the quick Margao team. Similarly to David De Souza, Gavin is extremely quick, light on the feet, fluid in motion and yes, is tied for the league lead in yellow cards. Despite playing out of position (he is a natural defender), Gavin was 2nd in the league in scoring in 2007. His supreme technical striking ability is the reason why he has the best shot in league, but it his ability to play with both feet at high levels that makes him a lethal weapon – not bad for a 21 year old.


2nd team All Star – 3-4-1-2

The 3-4-1-2 is similar to the 3-5-2 in that is a possession-orientated formation which allows for versatility. In this formation the three defenders are required to work extremely hard for the ball while the two centre midfielders can come back and help out in a defensive position. While the two centre midfielders control the tempo of the game as they play deep. The left and right wingers are expected to be the hardest working players as they are expected to cover the whole flank – both offensively and defensively – and able to deliver an accurate corss. Under certain circumstances, the 3-4-1-2 can be modified into the defensive formation of 4-3-1-2 by bringing a winger back into the defense. Manager José Pekerman did it with Argentina National team in 2006 World Cup as did many Italian teams in the late 1990’s. The MLS’ New York Red Bulls have employed this formation for the 2008 season.

GK Clyde Fernandes, Old Goa FC

Clyde is such an athletic goal keeper, that it would not be surprising to find out that his spot in the net is not his natural position. He is responsible for many jaw-dropping saves but on occasion, has made several easy mistakes which question his consistency. He needs to refine his technique as a goal keeper and not rely solely on his athletic abilities.

LCB Corey D’Mello, Panjim Tigers
The one player that I stated whom I was not entirely sure about his name. Corey is largely unknown because of his team, but the workaholic midfielder can run anywhere. While he is capable at centre of the field, his reliance on aggression and intensity would be better suited as a centre back.

CB Karl Chaves, Bogmalo SC

Karl is one of the oldest players on both teams and he has been around for many years. Despite this, his name is largely ignored because he unfairly blends in with the talented Bogmalo team. He does not rely on skill as he does on intelligence, quick passes and a thorough understanding of the game. An unselfish veteran who is a team player

RCB Glenvil Vales, Old Goa FC
Was considered one of the top defenders several years ago but has recently fallen slightly. Still a top notch defender, but has not been tested as much as you would expect. An all-around player whose talent might be overshadowed by his surrounding players

LCM Dwain Lobo-Pires, Margao Simba #4

The 21 year old natural left midfielder has experience in the centre and can provide an excellent balance as an attacker and a defender. The stocky player has the best header in the league (especially on corners) and has a dangerous shot. His physicality makes him a threat everytime there is a dead ball.

RCM Wilbur D’Cruz, Bogmalo SC #9
Wilbur is a talented player that is not well recognized across-the-board because of a talented Bogmalo team. However, he is versatile and despite playing forward and scoring 5 goals, he has the passing ability to play at the centre of the field.

LW Wendall Mascarenhas, Aldona Shooting Stars #9

Wendall scores a goal to make score 1-1 during GOA Final 2007 While a natural right winger, Wendall has played out of position the past two years for his team. Despite this, he led his team in scoring in 2007 at the young age of 17 years old while being consistently double-teamed! The 18 year old has worked on his physicality and striking ability but he needs more help along the Aldona frontline.

RW Keegan Moraes, Bogmalo SC #10

Keegan is one of the players I felt very strongly about putting on the first team, but I felt there was not enough space and the existing players are a fraction of a hair above. He is an extremely talented player with quickness, touch, passing ability ad versatility. He can play the outside midfield but is a major threat as an attacker. Five goals in 2007 demonstrated his shooting ability.

AM Colin Almeida, Old Goa FC
A newcomer to the league, Colin made a splash by scoring 7 goals on a ultra-stacked Old Goa team in 2007. Similairly to Keegan, it can be stated that Colin deserves a spot on the 1st team, but placing him on this team gives the step-over king a lot more freedom. His job as the “fantasista” or player who is responsible for creativity through excellent technique, suits him well as he is individually very talented yet has the ability to make an excellent pass.

Striker Clayton D’Mello, Aguada Waves (now on Parra SC)

Clayton is likely the best player in the worst situation. While there was youth and talent on the Aguada team, a lack of organization hindered the development of the former 2004 D.J. Lobo Trophy winner who scored 8 goals in a season! So after spending over 3 years with the Aguada team, 24 year old Clayton made a shocking move to Parra SC where he will team up with David and Mark De Souza to make the best frontline in the league (a la Barcelona). At an enormous 6’4 he is a threat on headers and has a deceivingly quick first few steps.

Striker Mark De Souza, Parra SC #8
Mark is a talented striker who could be the most deceiving player in the league. He purposely disappears for times then is given through-balls and he makes extremely quick runs at the net. He is similar to Gavin D’Mello as he is exceptionally light on his feet and has near-perfect striking ability.

Just missed the cut (in no order): Parra’s Goal Keeper, Shaun Fernandes (Aguada Waves), Brian Wolfs (Aldona Shooting Stars), Andrew Saviel (Aguada Waves #7), Ryan Fernandes (Bogmalo SC), Ryan Santiago (Colva SC), Brendan Gomes (Margao Simba), Walter Pinto (Bogmalo SC), George Chilakos (Old Goa FC)

2008 Predictions

Comeback Player of the Year: Elton Fernandes , Bogmalo SC

The soon-to-be 23 year old missed the entire year with a leg injury but the former U20 Team Canada and Toronto Lynx star is one of the most well-known players in the league. The 5’8 midfielder is not a burner, but has good quickness, north-south running ability, touch and excellent passing.

Best Fowards: Parra SC
Best Midfielders: Loutulim Goatees/Old Goa
Best Defense: Parra SC

Wendall and Roland

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