Scouting Football: RB Errol Brooks (Central Tech)

Football highlight tapes often tend to be very biased. They only display a limited view of an athlete and ignore many areas of a football player – game consistency, versatility, work ethic, weaknesses and so forth. When a highlight tape is short, it also is considered suspicious as it does not show a running back’s ability in pass blocking, receiving, wear-and-tear and possibly against better teams. It is much better to watch a player live to see a better understanding of the skill set and athletism an athlete possesses. While Central Tech RB’ Errol Brooks’ highlight tape is extremely short at 3:36, one thing is for sure: he has potential.

That’s the key word… potential

Errol has shown a lot of physical and mental aspects of a RB that would interest many coaches at the next level, but he must continue to develop in both departments. Personally, as a former RB and highlight junkie (watched over 1500+ highlight films of football players), I generally can classify RBs within the first 10 seconds of watching them. However, with Errol, it was one of the most difficult films I have ever have evaluated:


– Better athlete then football player. Has to do with lack of experience/coaching (across the board in High Schools)
– Undersized as shorter, lean athletic build: demonstrates a good chance of being an all-around athlete
– An All-purpose back and not a full time back as he lacks adequate size
– Possesses outstanding top end speed and is a home-run threat everytime he touches the ball

Strong Toss, cuts back and sees hole, accelerates, breaks tackle (not great tackle) and shows breakaway speed, Centre goes good job going to second level. This clip is an excellent display of Errol’s best attributes!
– Demonstrates low centre-of-gravity when needed to
– Displays great balance and agility to keep his feet, must so continuously
– A slippery runner who breaks arm tackles
– Needs to learn to lower shoulders and learn to relax upper body – seems to tense up
– Above-average acceleration with good change-of-direction skills
– Shows stiffness in the hips and knees, but it doesn’t hinder his ability much to change directions.
– Must increase flexibility throughout body and/or relax
Shows excellent ability to read his blocks
– Holds ball extremely well
– Does not display much lower body strength. Must get in weight room but he does chop his feet significantly more then most RB’s and it results in broken tackles
– Not as quick as you would expect from a speedy RB
– Needs to hit hole harder and with more authority


– Has excellent (and rare) instincts when it comes to being elusive. Natural runner
– Most of highlight tape is in Tight split back and I formation which he might not be suited for
– Would fit very well into zone blocking schemes because of combination of patience,
– Shows good ability to read blocks and hits cutback lane early and quickly (picture below)


Good insticts results in a great play!


– Does well on tosses and off-tackles where can use natural elusiveness and speed to outrun
– Inconsistent runner: shows ability to read blocks then at times outruns plays (3rd play: outruns blocks against Lawrence Park)


– Plays against good competition in TDSB
– Several of the plays in the highlight film displayed good timing of offensive play calling, rather then skill (Lawrence Park is playing zone defense and calls a screen, toss play against Newtonbrook at Esther Shriner where defense blitzes 2 LBs up the middle )
– Often the defense gave up on plays

The Northern “reverse” is not as much as a testament to Errol is it to the complete lack of effort and poor tackling by the Northern defense
– Defense has good athletes with adequate size but very poor understanding of pursuit angles, read-and-react (lack of experience), discipline and driving feet
An easy TD by Errol needs to be diagnosed. The lack of discipline, experience and coaching is displayed in the defense. This is a knock on the competition
Athletically: B+ (87) 
Football Skill: B- (83)
External (competition, experience ect): B- (83)

Overall – Errol Brooks = B (84)

Errol is an very good athlete who displays great top-end speed, cutting ability and ability to read blocks. He is a threat when he touches the ball because of his natural athleticism. However, his lack of size, tense upper-body / lack of flexibility, success at running outside-the-tackles and away from defenders is obvious. He must learn to develop more as a football player and not rely so much on his natural abilities. He needs to hit the weight room so he can prove that he can play at the next level. I have seen players like Errol all the time… great athletes, needing coaching for football fundamentals. Why his football skill is so high? Patience and ability to read blocks and excellent cut-back ability when a hole develops. Nonetheless, you must continue to develop!



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