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April 12, 2013

Strictly Canadian: What are the ‘Canadian values’ we continue to champion?

(The Literary Review of Canada recently asked readers to respond with short essays to the question: Does labelling something Canadian — an idea or, say, a cultural product — mean it is doomed to fail? Finalists, including the writer, were invited to appear April 13 at the inaugural Spur Festival in a panel, hosted by Star film critic Peter Howell, titled “Strictly Canadian = Doomed to Fail?”. Please see the original link (with picture) – published in Toronto Star.


“Canada is the greatest country in the world,” my father would utter to me as an adolescent, in a soft, deliberate and thoughtful tenor.

It was paradoxical, because his memories were often a source of pain. He was sent to boarding school from ages 6 to 16, to a private school in rural India, and just as finding a light in darkness, had to grapple with the powerful emotions of loneliness and isolation.

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