Toronto: World’s most Youthful city


Original post can be found here, on TVO’s website.

Management guru Peter Drucker said, “The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.” This is the case for Toronto.

Toronto is a by-product of Canada’s formidable governing institutions: government, schools, hospitals, legal system and mass media, which produces an effective civil society and strong social trust. (Toronto’s fame as one of the most diverse cities in the world, yet a remarkably low level rate of crime is a testament to that).

But Toronto’s ace-up-the-sleeve is the forward-thinking leaders who use their networks to further the cities interests, rather than solely accumulate private capital. Toronto Life featured a few of these power brokers, including John Tory (CivicAction), Gord Nixon (RBC & MaRS), Rahul Bhardwaj (Toronto Community Foundation), Carol Wilding (Toronto Board of Trade), and Peter Munk (Barrick Gold & philanthropist). As a result, many of the cutting-edge ideas are emerging from places on the intersection of traditional industries.

As written in Bruce Katz and Jennifer Bradley’s The Metropolitan Revolution, the leading cities in the world have engaged with the private sector, and this is witnessed by New York University creating an Abu Dhabi Campus, in which one of its first ever graduating students won a Rhodes Scholar today. Toronto certainly has the resources – three of the Thinkers50 in the world live here; Roger L. Martin, Dan Tapscott and Richard Florida, all of the Rotman School of Management. President Sheldon Levy has played an incredible role at boosting Ryerson University in the technological space to create networked economies. “Universities are most effective at shaping a local economy when they are part of a larger ecosystem of innovative activity,” said Prof. Enrico Moretti in The New Geography of Jobs.

As Egypt emerges from the Arab Spring, look for them to increase in their rankings due to their technological innovation, as revealed in Christopher M. Schroeder’s book, Startup Rising: The Startup Revolution Remaking the Middle East.

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