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May 2, 2007

Discrimination of Canadian High School Football Players by NCAA scouts

I am an NCAA Football addict. Despite the fact that I live in Canada, I follow everything in NCAA football from the games, the systems teams run, the pitches recruiting coordinators give to prospects and I even watch the highlight tapes of athletes in their sophomore and junior year of high school. Call me cocky or passionate, but I don’t think there are many people that have followed Casey Clausen, Cedric Benson and Cedric Houston since High School. With years of observing the football scene, you begin to notice trends that occur often – everything from Florida having the best ‘athletes,’ to Clemson securing many top South Carolina recruits (a rarity for a non-top programs to get recruits to choose them over Florida ect) to the more recent trend of the emergence of Arizona prospects. However, one thing has been bothering me for well over 1 year…it is the OBVIOUS discrimination of top Canadian Football players by American universities – specifically Division 1 universities and colleges.

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